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Stock Footage

Wild Horses on the
Outer Banks of NC

Running on the beach
Eating from garbage cans
Walking around condos
Near road – during day and night
Corolla scenics
The Currituck Lighthouse – from top and exteriors
The Whalehead Club

The Cape Hatteras Lighthouse
Before Move
After move
During move
Outer Banks scenics
In various weather conditions
Groins, etc.
Inside the lighthouse
The day of the move

Sacajawea Statues & Locations
Capitol Rotunda
Bismarck, ID
Portland, OR
Boise, ID
Lander, WY
Salmon, ID
Livingston, MT
Charlottesville, VA
Astoria, OR
Fort Benton, MT
St. Louis, MO
The Sacajawea Center in Salmon, ID
Sacajawea Hotel in MT
Sacajawea Park in Livingston, MT

Scenics and beauty shots from the Lewis & Clark Trail
North Dakota
South Dakota
Columbia River Gorge
Beaverhead Rock, Hat Rock, Rooster Rock
Cannon Beach, Oregon Coast
Lolo Trail
Pompey’s Pillar
White Cliffs of the Missouri
The Great Falls of the Missouri
Area near Lower Portage Camp
Fort Clatsop (circa 2002) prior to burning/rebuilding
Fort Mandan
Knife River Indian Villages
Fort Manuel Lisa
Sacajawea Cemetery
Fort Hall, Idaho
Fort Bethold, ND
Floyd Monument, Sioux City, IA
Packer Meadows
Lemhi Pass

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