Welcome to Naka Productions, Inc.

At Naka Productions, Inc., we are filmmakers and storytellers.

With every project, there is a story to be told and a unique way to tell it. We strike a balance between detailed planning crucial to any production and creativity and passion.

Our approach is based on these principles:

  • Listening to our clients and seeking the essence of the story: the humanity, the humor and the emotion.
  • Taking risks.
  • Stretching creative boundaries.
  • Detailed organization, careful planning. Delivering on time and on budget.
  • Producing projects that inspire and motivate.

Naka News

Naka recently completed In Good Faith, a documentary that features the historical research of Dr. Orlan Svingen, history professor at Washington State University.

The producers, Dr. Svingen, Dr. John W.W. Mann (Univ.of Wisconsin-Eau Claire), Jared Chastain (WSU graduate asst.) and Leo Arriwite (Agai Dika) will present the documetary at the National Public History Conference in Hartford, CT in March 2019.

It will air on PBS in 2019.

The Newport Effect on DVD - along with all of Naka's independent documentaries - can be purchased in the

Naka Store or via digital downloads - for purchase or streaming are available via Vimeo - thenewporteffect

Beverly was recognized with a lifetime achievement award by the Arts & Science Council in 2016 as part of their ASC Honors program.


"You can't use up creativity.  The more you use, the more you have."
Maya Angelou

Featured Video Production

In Good Faith

Shot in Montana & Idaho, In Good Faith is a documentary that reveals new discoveries about a Native American tribe, their unratified treaty with the United States and a revelation that could change the history of southwestern Montana. 



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